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Here's what happened this week in my kitchen.

This weeks orders were for lots of back to school treats for teachers and kids. I saw many moms with big smiles on their faces with a mention of back to school. I also saw some teary eyed moms with kids going to school for the first time, or the last child heading off to kindergarten. I hope all parents, students, and teachers have a great start to the school year! It was fun being able to make it fun by adding a little something sweet into the mix.

I also worked on some mini cookies for a 40th birthday. We ended up sticking these in a bag like the minis in the back to school photo above and adding ribbon. They looked adorable. Hope they liked them.

And last, but certainly not least. I worked on this adorable set for a baby shower as well as dipped some pretzels and rice krispie treats. The theme is baby safari animals and my customelr came up with all of her own ideas. Three dozen cookies, three dozen krispie pops, and three dozen pretzels.

I will be honest, I've never had a dipped krispie treat. Lets just say what I trimmed off the edges and dipped in white chocolate is delish!

Now I'm off to get started on next weeks orders. I have a LOT to do. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, FB and Periscope! Have a great weekend!

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