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Prince, Golf Bouquets and Cross Country Cookies

Let me just start off by saying how much I LOVE Prince. I have every album he has ever made, and have been to numerous concerts. Actually, who doesn't love Prince? I mean most people can sing along to at least one of his songs, probably more. He can play any insturment you throw at him, and is an amazing entertainer. With all of that said, you can see why this request for Prince cookies got me excited to bake this order.

Periscope watchers got to see how I package cookie for shipping. Sometimes people request to see how I do things, and I try to accomodate. If you aren't on periscope, check it out. It's a fun app to watch people live and it is only available for a 24 hour period.

The cookies ordered were requested to be the album cover (edible printer used to make the covers), guitars (I made these years ago, but since I was shipping them, they needed to be piped onto a sturdy cookie), and then the famous ruffle shirt (which I had a blast figuring out how to make and do justice). All of these cookies were decorated with royal icing.

Without keeping you in any more suspense, here are the Prince cookies:

This week I had a lot on my plate. I also made 150 cookies for a golf outing. They were used as the centerpieces at each table. I hadn't done centerpieces with cookies before, but they worked out great. The logo cookie in the middle is what made the difference, as well as the company's logo golf balls in the bucket. I had to encourage a few people that it was okay to eat the centerpiece!

Here is a shot of the cookie bouquet and some of the country club setup:

Finally, I donated some cookies for my son's cross country team. Since the seniors only had one home meet this year and it happened to fall on the first meet of they year, they had senior night early. Each of the seniors on the team received their senior gifts along with a delicious personalized cookie. I made 19 of these. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there until the end to see their faces, but I heard they had a great night and enjoyed their cookies. Here they are:

I love making cookies to make special occasions that much more special for people. If you have a special occasion you would like to celebrate, please contact me about custom cookies.

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