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Halloween GoBo Foundation Bake Sale Cookie Donation, Bridal Cookies, Gymnastics Cookies, Hufflepuff

Holy cow there was a lot going on this week! I had a ton of cookies to decorate and two cakes to bake and decorate by Wednesday. Why? I have a trip Thursday-Saturday in Salt Lake City to attend CookieCon 2015. Yes, it's a real thing! And I'm so excited! It's a chance to meet a lot of fellow coookie decorators from all over the country that I chat/periscope/message regularly on social media. There are lots of classes to attend and events, it's basically all things cookie for 3 days. And people who actually want to talk about it and who get as excited as I do!

But before going, cookies needed to be decorated...along with a couple of cakes. I started by getting my GoBo Foundation Bake Sale cookies ready to ship. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back by baking. I participate every year and Jill at Jills FCS in Michigan has a huge bake sale from the cookies shipped by cookiers from all of the US, Canada, and some other countries. Last year she raised over $25,000 for childhood cancer. For more inforamtion go to the GoBo Foundation facebook page. This year it's focused on Halloween treets so I made the following:

My first order for the week is for Bridal Shower cookies. The plaques have the bride to be and groom to be on them along with the wedding date. The dresses have the bride and bridesmaids names on them, along with extras for guests. I hope they love them, and have a long and happy marriage.

Next are gymnastics cookies ordered for a birthday party. Pink and purple are her favorite colors, so I put the silhouettes on those backgrounds.

Ballet cookies for another little girl's party. She chose silhouettes, ballet dress, and slippers for her cookies. I think they turned out adorable.

Every year I get a Harry Potter themed cake order from this customer. I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with. This year it was the Huffelpuff coat of arms. Fun! Hope she loves it.

And finally a special retirement party cake for a man retiring from the library. We took his favorite author and made him part of the book. The "title" on top of the cake is a comparison of the book covers for these books. I also added printed cookie books around the outside of the cake of the books requested by the customer.

And one last cookie bouquet for bidding on to donate to the ALS Foundation...

Have a great week! Next blog post will be all about CookieCon!!!! Yes, there is such a thing. You are gonna love it!

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