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CookieCon 2015

If you haven't heard of CookieCon let me fill you in. Karen and Mike Summers from put on an amazing event in Salt Lake City, and cookiers attend from all over the world. I'm not sure of the total, but I'm thinking there had to be between 400-500 cookie decorators in attendance! All skill levels are welcome. Three days are filled with all things cookie. Some people arrived early to attend additional cookie classes with some of their favorite cookie artists. Go to and click on "pre-event classes" to check them out. There were limited spots available.

Day 1

At registration you recieve a deck of cards. Your deck has 12 cards with one number and cookie image on it. In order to get the full deck and to be entered into a drawing, you need to get all 12 cards by introducing yourself to new people and exchanging cards.

Once you get the full deck you show Karen your number and you get put into a drawing. It was a fun way to get us all talking and helping eachother find the cards we needed to complete the set. All of the cards featured various cookies of attendees to CookieCon.

I had 11s! Such a cute fox! We also got a nice CookieCon pin for our lanyard and our schedule for the next 3 days.

They had a photo booth set up to take crazy pics with new friends. I was lucky enough to meet my good friend Karine on my first day of CookieCon. She came all the way from Quebec, Canada! We had a great time getting to know each other and talking cookies. "Frenchy" and I became life long friends in a matter of days. She is a great decorator and won 3rd place in the Sugar Show "Back to School" category (more on this later in the blog). Truly grateful for her freindship.

There were also tables set up to exchange cookie cutters and to enter various drawings for great prizes. You could bring your cutters you no longer want or use and trade them with other cutters on the table. It's constantly changing as people come and exchange their cutters throughout CookieCon. The prize table was amazing! I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the prizes! We got a certain number of tickets to put into various containers to win them. I didn't win anything from the table, but did win a couple of bottles of bourbon vanilla in one of my classes.

Once everyone registers and gets their swag bags, plays at the photo booth, collects all the cookie cards, and gets theirs Sugar Show entry submitted (details on this in a bit), it's time to go hear the Keynote Speaker. Our keynote speaker was a long time favorite of mine. I have been following her blog for ages! She's amazing! I have her book! I love her! AND she is originally from Indiana! What's not to love?

She goes by The Barefoot Baker. She has a number of online tutorials on how to decorate cookies. Her amazing cookie book can be purchased from her site:

I was so excited to meet her and get a chance to chat with her a bit!

Wildlife Category

Day 2

Friday was full of classes from 9am-5pm, with a couple of breaks in-between. That's a lot of cookie info! I was in group H, so here is how my day went.

9:00 am SugarBliss Cookies: Airbrushing Class

SugarBliss Cookies is a duo of two sisters who decorate cookies together. You can find them at Sugar Bliss Cookies. Their class taught how to incorporate airbrushing into cookies to really make your cookies pop. I really enjoyed learning how to use my airbrush in different ways to add details to my cookies. I mainly use my airbrush for adding pearl sheen and not much else. I'm looking foward to using what I learned in this class.

10:00 am Bridget Edwards from Bake at 350: Resources...Blogging/Photography/Social Media

Do you know about Bridget? I just love her. I have been following her blog for ages. She is amazing and spoke on using resources for your business by using blogging, photography, and social media. You can find her at Bake at 350. She also had her cookies printed on a box of powdered sugar and had a box for all of us to take with us. LOVED getting a photo with her. Like I said, long time fan!!!

12:00am Mallory Mae Chiavacci from Butterwinks: Elements of Art and Design

Mallory was amazing! I loved her class and her cookie style. She also talked about how to make something your own and breaking it down so it's not so overwhelming. Be confident, trust your work!

2:00 Susan Carberry from Cake Cottage: Three Dimensional Mr. Penguine Cookie

In this class Susan showed us how she made a 3D cookie. She was very entertaining and kept us all laughing the whole time. It was fun to watch someone in their craft. Not something I have ever attempted, but possibly in the future.

3:00 Monica Holbert from Cookie Cowgirl: Ways to take Cookies to the next level

This was one of my favorite classes. Monica really showed how planning out your cookie ahead of time can make your decorating so much easier and really take it to the next level. She also spoke aobut creating characters of your own design with various shapes.

4:00pm Dotty Raleigh from Sugar Dot Cookies: The business side of cookies

Dotty made a point to make sure you know how much it costs to make your cookies. Are you charging enough? Are you paying yourself for all the time it takes you to make the cookies? She went through all of the details of starting a cookie business from finding a kitchen to work in, to pricing and and design. Very interesting. You can find Dotty at

5:00pm Nadia Kalinichenko from My Little Bakery

Nadia is truly amazingly talented! She uses gingerbread cookies with a Polish glaze on top, then adds her beautiful lace patterns to them. The intricate detail is just beautiful. Go to her website and look at the video she showed for her class of various cookies in process. You will be a mazed!

During the day on your breaks you can go shop at the vendors tables, look at the Sugar Show entries, swap cutters at the cutter swap table, and grab a bite to eat. I met another friend during all of these classes. Noelle was at CookieCon with her mom and loving it as much as I was. So we all went to Orson Gygi together.

From 6-9 pm Orson Gygi opened their doors to all CookieCon attendies to shop and visit. They had drinks and snacks for us to keep up our energy while shopping too! Noelle and I had to get a selfie in front of the sprinkle backdrop while we grabbed some snacks. They had chocolate covered popcorn and lots of cadies to snack on while we shopped.

In one of the isles I ran into Nikki (third pic in the top row). She and I had been chatting since Thursday at various times without ever really looking at each other's name tag. It wasn't until I wore my Janis Bakes t-shirt that she walked up to me and showed me her badge! We chat all the time on FB cookie pages. No wonder we fell right into snapy comeback habits. So we had to get a pic, of course!

After Orson Gygi, Karine (AKA Frenchy), myself, Noelle and her mom headed over to Squatters Pub and Brewery for dinner. It was delicious! What a great group of friends! Although our waiter was less than steller, the company was great and the beer was too.

Day 3

Saturday started with Karine and I tyring to make our final purchases from the fantastic vendors. We had to go back and get the cutters designed by Cookie Cowgirl at Truly Mad Plastics. Can't wait to use them!! We also had to get the cookie cutter sets that Liz from Arty McGoo! So adorable. I wish I had taken her pre-event class! Next time, I'm going for the extra hands on classes.

I was excited to put 2 tickets in that pink box to possibly win that swivel decorated by The Painted Box. Angela is amazing, and although I did decorate my own swivel...I'd LOVE to win her design! Didn't happen though, boo.

From 8-4pm there was a lot going on. Open Decorating was held in the ballroom. You could try all kinds of decorating techniques: stenciling, fondant, cake lace, airbrushing, kopycake, and more. There were also people demo-ing all of these things. We also got the mystery cookie shape and the opportunity to create something and enter it into the mystery cookie contest. Mine, well, not good. I'm not good with something just thrown at me. I won't even show you what I did. But there were some truly amazing creations. Check the CookieCon website for those too!

I did, however, get to visit with some fellow cookiers, and enjoy their cookie process. Jessica & Erin, Karine (AKA Frenchy), Cristin of Cristin's Cookies, and Rebecca from The Cookie Architect.

We did attend a Cookie Faceoff. Two on two teams, on the fly cookie decorating. Again, not my strong suit, but it was fun to watch. It was hosted by Liz (Arty McGoo) and her hubby. Always a fun combo.

During CookieCon they had a Cookie Swap table. The idea is you go and give a cookie and get a cookie from the table. Sounds cool, but I'd rather swap with people I know from online or met at CookieCon, so that is what I did! Here are the cookies I received:

I traded with Monica, who I met from class, karine Lemonnier (AKA Frenchy, my new BFF), Noelle (my other new friend), Cristin Sohm (no introduction needed, am I righ?), Jessica Ricevuto (FB and Periscope friend), and this chocolate chip cookie from Emmy Chen.

I swapped a logo cookie that I made right before I left for Utah:

There was also a Tasting Event from 9:30am-11:30am.

Ten cookie artists made mini cookies for all of the attendees to try to guess who made each cookie. I got all, but 2! Darn. I Periscoped it, but it's pretty blurry. When recording it looked fine, so I don't know what that's about. Here it is if you want to check it out:

Above are the correct answers. We also all got the recipes for these delicious cookies. My favorite? Anita's hands down. They were filled with weakness.

We headed over to an amazign French Bakery. Karine got a canoli. Here is what I ordered:

From 7-9pm was the awards banquet. Although I didn't win any of the raffles (and there was a PURPLE kitchen aid mixer people!), it was fun watching all the excitement as everyone else did.

Then they announced the Sugar Show winners. Guess who got 3rd in the "back to school" category...

Congrats Frenchy!!!!!!!!! So excited for you! You can find Karine's work at Le Monnier du biscuit on Facebook.

That evening was filled with Cookie-Okie. Yep, you read it correctly. Pajama party optional...I went with the optional part. I did Periscope a little of it. Yes, we danced. Yes, Karine wanted to sing, NO I did not want to sing. lol

I had an amazing time at CookieCon 2015! I can't wait for next time!!!!

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