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Halloween, Fall and Anime Cookies

I love making Halloween cookies. I love all things Halloween though. This year I made lot of fun cookies for lots of different occasions.

First is this cookie bouquet for my son's Ice Cream Bingo night at the elementary school. It was raffled off to a lucky bingo winner.

These were the cookies in the above bouquet.

I also had a chance to play with some new cutters that I purchased at CookieCon. If you don't know what it is, check out my last post. It has all of the details and info about the event. The owl cutter cutter that was used below was from Anne Clark in my swag bag. LOVE IT.

The cute couples cutters were designed by Monica from The Cookie Cowgirl. If you haven't seen her work, look her up! She is an amazing cookie artist. She designed these cutters and they are available from Truly Mad Plastics for purchase. I bought them at CookieCon and got a chance to design my own frankensteins and wolves. I think they turned out cute. The pumpkins are white royal icing with orange air brush.

I'm giving you some info about decorating on this post since I played with some of my new toys and tried out a few new techniques.

The SKULLS! Aren't they awesome! I got the idea off of Arty McGoo's tutorial at McGoo U. It was wonderful to meet her at CookieCon, and I am enjoying taking her online monthly class to try new techniques.

Another fun thing is to use fondant. I'm originally not a fan of fondant, but I found a great brand that doesn't get hard and actually tastes delicious! I like Fondarific brand. I like that it stays soft and can add a simple accent to my decorated cookies. Here I used some silicone molds to make orange flowers for my Halloween flower bouquet.

These are awesome! With molds you can use chocolate or fondant to make these. I used fodant. The cookies are flooded in royal icing and then painted to look like wood. I love the cameos. Skeletons are a favorite of mine.

Simple airbrush background for my skeleton and spider. I added some sprinkles to really make that spider stand out! Simple and effective.


Okay on to a favorite!!!! Vampire fangs on a stick are fun for kids of all ages. My son took these to school to share with his classmates.

I had to do a few blood splattered ones too.

Individually wrapped and tied with ribbon.

Airbrushed fall leaves and acorns. I love how these turned out. Guess what will be on my thanksgiving table?

Finally, my son decided to take cookies (last minute) to Anime Club at school. They had a cosplay/halloween party and he was Kakashi (the green cookie). I think they turned out well.

Hope you all had a great halloween!! My boys sure did!

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