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Halloween Cookies

Here are the items available for pre-sale this Halloween.

Pickup with be on Monday, October 28th.

Cookie Cards $4 Ghost Sleeves $5

Tag Options: "You've been Boo'd" or "BOO!"

2" inch cookie sleeves, $8

Choose from three options: 1. Fall Sleeve 2. Mummy Sleeve 3. Cat Sleeve

Paint your own cookies, $6

Just add water to the paintbrush, dip in the food safe palette, and decorate your own cookie. Each cookie is individually wrapped and includes the paint palette and brush.

Cookie Cup with 6 cookies, $12

Each set is bagged, tied with twine and tagged.

Cookie Cup with 12 cookies, $24

Cookie Kits, $36

One dozen cookies, four colors of icing and Halloween sprinkles.

Halloween Coloring shirts:

Youth $18, Adult S-L $20

Use markers to design your own Halloween shirt. Washable markers allow kids to make new designs each time!

These shirts match the paint-your-own cookie options!

Fall and Halloween cookie decorating Classes. $75

Fall class: Oct 19, 6-8pm

Halloween Class: Oct 26, 6-8pm

To pre-order your halloween treats and shirts you can send me an email or message me on my facebook page. All orders are prepaid. I will send an invoice to you via email and when I receive the payment I can add you to my list. Anyone interested in classes can contact me the same way.

Thanks so much for your business! I do appreciate it!

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