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My cakes are made from scratch (never a box), as well as my homemade buttercream frosting.

Pops are dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate.

Cake Pops
Minimum order of 1 dozen.  One flavor per dozen.

Vanilla or Chocolate Cake Pops: $36/dozen

  • Pops with Sprinkles: $39 per dozen

  • Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones:  $45/dozen

  • Fondant Bear pops:  $45/dozen

  • Fondant Flower pops: $42/dozen

  • Buckets (6 sprinkle pops/bag/bow): $25 

    • only round pops for buckets​

  • Cake Pop with Honeycomb/Waffle:  $45/doz

  • Cake Pop with Paper Toppers: fee TBD

  • Cake Pop Footballs:  $48/dozen

**Shaped pops not available for custom order.  Only the footballs pictured.**

Pops can be packaged two ways:

Boxed:  Individually wrapped and boxed in bakery box (+$3/dozen)

Stand/Carrier: Holds one dozen pops: 

  • Unwrapped in stand/carrier (+$5/dozen) 

  • Wrapped in stand/carrier (+$8/dozen)

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