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Back to School, Birthday, and Engagement Party cookies this week

Hi guys! I think I'm going to try to blog what I do each week and maybe give you some behind the scenes pics from time to time. If you have something else you are interested in seeing, leave comments and I will try to accomodate.

It's back to school time, so of course everyone is trying to find something original to send to school with their child as a special treat, or for a teacher's frist day gift. I try to make boxed sets available every year at certain holidays and eventful times like "back to school." Here is what I decided on for back to school this year...

I make and offer these sets earlier than when the kids will actually go back to school, so that people can order them ahead of time. This allows me to bake and decorate all of the orders at the same time. It also allows people to be able to order less cookies than my required minimum of one dozen.

I also had two parties to make cookies for this week. The first order was for a birthday party with the theme American Ninja Warrior. I personally have never seen the show, but the customer had a specific idea in mind that I was more than willing to put together. Here is a photo of the two styles of cookies she requested:

I used my edible printer to print out the logos for the show. An edible printer is just like a regular printer, only the "ink" is actually food coloring. You have to special order them from a company along with the icing sheets to print on. The icing sheets are made of sugar and totally edible. The second style was to be made like a medal a contestant wins that the kids would be able to wear. The child was turning 7, so I put a star with a 7 in the middle. These were all individually wrapped and boxed for pick up.

Another order I was working on this week was for a bridal shower. Many times people message me and have a specific cookie decoration in mind. I absolutely want them to be happy on their special day, so I try to accomodate as best I can. I make a point to let people know that I take all custom orders and would be happy to make whatever they are they are dreaming up into a cookie. Here is what she was wanting for a friend's bridal shower...

I plattered them for her s0 she can leave them on the platter and they are ready to go, without having to arrange them or plate them when she gets there. Some people prefer this to boxing up the cookies.

I've got a lot going on next week. Can't wait to blog it all for you. Have a great week. Be sure to follow me on IG and FB if you don't already so that you don't miss anything. Thanks for following along!

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