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End of the School Year Cookies

I've gotten several messages about end of the year cookies, and am happy to let you know they are now available for pre-order. Orders will be picked up on Tuesday evening on May 28, or Wednesday morning on May 29. Crown Point schools can pick up on Monday June 3rd. Please specify when ordering which date you prefer. Cookie Sets are for LOCAL PICKUP only.

Boxed Sets, $12

All cookie cookies in the boxed sets are individually wrapped and heat sealed,

boxed on top of shred, and secured with a stretchy bow.

Cello Pack of 2 Pencils, $8

Each 2 pack of pencils is individually wrapped and heat sealed inside of a cello bag with food safe backing. One pencil can be personalized with the teacher's name. These are a more fragile cookie, and should be given to the teacher by a parent rather then child hands.

To place an order you can email me, or go to my Janis Bakes facebook page and send a private message. Let me know how many of each style you would like, what date you would like to pick up your cookies, and email address. I can send you an invoice once I have all of that information.

Thanks again for being such great customers! :) I've enjoyed getting a chance to know many of you and am flattered you continue to contact me for your family celebrations.

Cello Pack of 2 Pencils, $8

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